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Photographer/ Videographer/

Content Creator

Located in the Texas Hill Country with a back ground in print, creative writing, real estate, tourism, web development, and a passion for photography and videography... it was almost a certainty that becoming a photographer was going to be another title that is thrown into the mix.


Owning and being a key person in operating my own real estate publication, I found myself unhappy with the photos that were being supplied to me. The shocking thing was over and over again, many real estate agents continued to supply photos to MLS listings and my magazine using photo's that were just unacceptable for a variety of reasons... low resolution, poor quality, poor photo technics just to mention a few. 


Needing a solution, I started researching local photographers and their background of work. I soon realized that many people called themselves a photographer just because they owned a camera or a smart phone. Most had no education and very little experience. They had no "real" knowledge of advanced photography styles or a understanding of when and how to use them. So I made the decision... I would take my own photos.

After using my own photos with my magazine, it wasn't long before different realtors, organizations, websites, magazines and news agencies started asking me to use my photos. Knowing that I needed to improve my photography skills, I furthered my education by taking a Photography Master Class and a Videography Master Class where I studied under Master Photographer and re noun mentor Phil Ediner. I learned photography, shooting styles and many other advanced tools such as video and audio technics as well as story telling and advanced editing. I successfully continued working with several different real estate agents, commercial businesses, and numerous other projects both locally, nationally, and internationally. After selling my magazine, I devoted 100% of my time to the creation and operation of my own photography business... "Rick Ferrell Photography".

Real Estate/ Business/ Event Location Photography

When it comes to stunning photography for Real Estate or Business marketing... Real Estate Agents, Airbnb owners, Architects, Interior Designers, Builders & Landscapers will benefit from my photography. My services are also widely know among Wineries, Tour Companies, Event Centers, Gyms and many other businesses that want to visually show why their business stands out over the rest. But maybe you need more...


Rick Ferrell Photography is a Full-Service Visual Marketing Solution.  By using TODAY's technology, I get you and your business noticed! I use advanced techniques like High Dynamic Range photography, Cinematic Videos, Drone and drone less aero photography, 3D Virtual Tours, and custom web design. My clients consistently gain in sales, exposure, public awareness, and increases in online traffic for there properties that I capture and promote. 

If you're wanting to really take your marketing efforts to the next level, professional drone photos and video footage is a no-brainier. While photos do a great job of capturing general exterior areas and interior rooms/spaces, drone footage and videos bring it all together by showcasing the flow of a property and how the rooms and spaces interconnect. Contact me today to find out more...

Modeling/ Fashion/ Headshots Photography

While Model Photography shoots are generally considered to be part of the fashion industry, it is essential for every model to have a photographer who is experienced in creating a professional portfolio no matter what the photo shoot is for. Your modeling portfolio (even a simple headshot for a business card) could be the first impression of how the public sees you. I have taken pictures of both professional and armature models from all over the world.

Social Media Photography and Videography


Are you needing help with social media photography for Instagram, Facebook, or even YouTube to get you to the next level.  Social Media plays a crucial role in connecting people and developing relationships. This is true with influencers and business owners, but Social Media also provides a great opportunity to establish customer service by gathering input, answering questions and listening to their feedback.

Social media is important for businesses likes yours for a few reasons, including these four:


1. Get more qualified leads- In many marketing campaigns, most of the target recipients are possibilities at best. They may or may not be interested in your offering now, and some may never be interested. You can’t be sure they’ll take advantage of the offer or even bother to review it. This is not the case with most of your social media followers, which is a big reason why social media is important for business.

By marketing to users who are already fans of your company, you know that you are reaching a qualified demographic. They fact that they follow you on Facebook, Twitter, or another social platform sites means that they already want to know more.

This means they’ll respond more favorably to your posts than if they had no prior relationship with you. It also increases the likelihood that they’ll read your posts or click your links, which makes them more likely to take the desired action.


2. Build a community- In most traditional (and even some online) marketing initiatives, your company is solely responsible for spreading your message. Your flyers may be passed around, and someone might occasionally forward an email newsletter, but these things don’t happen often enough to have an impact on your campaigns. With social media marketing, sharing is encouraged, which can have a huge impact on your business.

Social media is important because it makes it easy for your followers to share your promotions and content. And even if they don’t directly share your posts, they can speak positively about you and direct traffic to your social accounts or website. This is extremely valuable, as most consumers tend to trust recommendations from friends and family much more than from companies themselves.

In order to promote this kind of discussion, you can use social media to build a community around your business. Encourage customers to leave reviews (both positive and negative), interact with your posts, and have conversations with other customers. By facilitating discussion, you can build positive relationships with both current and potential customers.

3. Grow your brand's reputation- Traditional marketing helps companies promote their products and services without having to reveal their flaws. Social media doesn’t offer this protection, because consumers are all too happy to post their complaints about product performance, poor customer service, and other issues that can hurt a business.

This may seem like a disadvantage, but social media also provides your business the opportunity to respond to negative reviews and overcome negative publicity. In order to do this, you’ll need a mix of proactive outreach, constant monitoring, and effective crisis management.

A good content plan with frequent posts and updates takes care of the first part. The second part can be handled by one or more people who either check feeds for trends in chatter or respond to questions and comments. The third is a bit more delicate, but should involve responding to reviews professionally instead of deleting them, and apologizing for any mistakes. These are the kinds of activities that help your business establish a reliable, trustworthy brand.

They can also cushion the blow when, despite your best efforts, something goes wrong. If an employee posts unflattering stories, a product is recalled, or something negative appears in the news in relation to your business, social media can be one of your best PR tools. By addressing any and all publicity on social media, you can show that your business is dedicated to righting wrongs and addressing customer concerns.

4. Use advanced targeting options easily- If these benefits seem nice enough, but you’re wondering if social media marketing is cost effective, the answer is yes. Think about how much information social platforms have on their users. They know each person’s age, location, gender, interests, and friends—among many other details. Considering that you can target your ads to users based specifically on those things, social media marketing can be extremely effective.

With platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can choose to only show your ads to the most qualified demographics. This means that you only pay for ads that are extremely targeted, and don’t have to waste money on having your ads displayed to users who are likely not interested at all. This is an extremely cost-effective method, and another reason that demonstrates the importance of social media.

As an example, take a pediatric dentist practice that wants to use dental social media marketing to attract new patients. Since the practice specializes in pediatric dental care, they would use target parents in the local area. They may even add other filters, like income, to enhance their targeting.

These targeting options all help you reach the people that matter the most.

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